What Inspires Us

EcoKids Preschool & Kindergarten was founded on the belief that the environment is of paramount importance to a young child’s education and beliefs. In a magical way, children are open to their environment. They learn best by doing, and play is the serious work of childhood. As early childhood educators, we want to encourage and protect the sense of wonder nourishing the child’s imagination. We want to create a safe, warm place for children to create, play, work and trust in the world they live in. We believe in the young child’s capacity for creative thinking through the healthy activities we provide. Our educational goal is to build the capacities of young inquiring minds, with an interest in and reverence for the world and human beings, and a love a life-long love of learning.

Our Guiding Principles…

EcoKids’ philosophy is based on a child-centered approach that values experience as being not the best teacher, but the only teacher! We have focused our energies on providing children with a positive, non-pressured, non-judgmental environment. We value collaboration from anyone, and we advocate that children and teachers become co-learners, co-researchers and co-constructors of their education. Everything the child touches becomes a learning experience. The collaborative relationship between teachers and children creates a rich environment that supports flexibility in learning.

Our Vision

To build the capacities of a generation that is the source of change…to work towards transforming the education process beyond “head” thinking to freeing the human spirit and instilling passion for life, learning and service to the world.

Our Values and Beliefs

  •  Every child is unique.
  • Every child develops at his/her own pace.
  • Teachers work to create an environment of love and acceptance, which instills passion for learning and life.
  • The child is made of body, mind and soul.
  • Our intent is to build capacities rather than skills.
  • Our intent is to educate the whole child.
  • The learning environment is the child’s third teacher.
  • We teach children how to think, not what to think.
  • Our core values of love, acceptance, peace, respect and openness to the world are reflected in everything we do.