Eco-Healthy Environment

Our eco-healthy approach is reflected in many ways throughout our school,, whether through recycling materials for art projects, the use of natural, non-chemical cleaners, or how we care for our environment. At EcoKids, we believe that a healthy, nurturing children’s environment does not necessitate sensory overload. We provide a dynamic blend of serene colors, natural materials, relaxing sounds and calming scents that combine to create a stimulating environment to maximize learning and play. The physical buildings meet international standards for environmentally sustainable construction and offers unique features such as:

· Solar energy heating
· Natural lighting and space design based on the vastru system
· Biodegradable, non-toxic cleaning products
· No wall-to-wall carpets
· Recycled paper/cardboard, glass, aluminum and plastic bottles;
· No shoe policy;
· Odor-free, low-VOC paint;
· Eco-friendly, non-PVC, natural wood play equipment;
· Wood-paneled flooring;
· Fresh, healthy organic meals.