The Team

C3EE40E1-8B36-4789-8AD9-429D65BC12B9    Niveen Abboushi – Founder / Director

It is very difficult for me to summarize who I am in words…It is like confining a child to one type of play! I am a perpetual entrepreneur, alternative education advocate, financial consultant, psycho-spiritual counselor, energy healer, and mother journeying with two beautiful souls. In my free time, I love hiking and connecting with nature.

I have always been intrigued by “people’s stories”, beliefs, and varying personal drives. I believe that who we are as adults is defined by how we lived our childhoods. In so many karmic ways, my professional path kept me focused on my passion and intrigue in understanding the world of childhood. EcoKids is the culmination of my journey with my inner child and with my own children.  The vision behind EcoKids was inspired by the arrival of my second daughter, Noor, as I struggled to find a place of magic and learning that believed in the innate wisdom of children. It was at this point that my journey to turn education right side up began.EcoKids is a place where childhood is preserved, and where the possibilities are endless…

I hold a B.A. in Economics (Richmond College, London), M.A. in Money and Banking (American University of Beirut), M.A. in Clinical Psychology & Counseling, with focus on Spirituality, Mind & Body (Columbia University, NY), and a certificate in Child and Adolescent Psychology (The Chicago School of Professional Psychology). I am also a continuing scholar in Jungian psychoanalysis, and a certified sound healer. However, the real education for me has been from the eternal source of life, love and connections…

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Om and prem….

FullSizeRender   Dana Alkhas – Founding Partner

Six years of teaching and three children made me realize that there is more to teaching than meets the eye. It taught me that whether you are in a classroom with twelve children or at home sitting on a carpet playing with your two-year-old child, it takes self-knowledge and inner connection to teach a child. Teaching requires dedication, commitment, but, most importantly, unconditional love. A mother, a teacher, or a caregiver is a beacon of light that guides the child along a path of endless discovery. This is  a sacred mission that requires connection to the inner child within each one of us.  EcoKids is all that. It is an environment where children can be children for as long as they want to and need to!

I truly believe in and love by the saying, ‘Tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand’. This is our EcoKids.